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Speed up your website with a CDN

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) caches your origin resources on acceleration nodes all over the world. When the end user requests to access and obtain these resources, there is no need to go back to the source, and the system will call the resources that have been cached on the CDN node nearby.

12 projects needed to develop large-scale projects

The large-scale project I am talking about mainly refers to the number of entities that need to be managed. Simply put, how many models do you have in your project. If you have many models, this usually means complexity. With these, as a secondary metric, you can count the number of routing or controller methods

5 basic web user experience rules

Users spend most of their time on other websites. This means that users prefer your website to work in the same way as all other websites they already know. The more standardized the design of the website, the better the effect

What is a version control system?

Version control system (Vcs) is a tool or software that helps to manage different versions of source code. Source control is another name for version control system