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Deep Dive into IAM PassRole

As an AWS security best practice, it's best to have narrow-scoped IAM policies so that users are only authorized to perform actions on the resources they expect. This is even more important when you plan to authorize users to run some code in AWS services (for example, in a lambda function to access other resources). In this case, IAM provides a way to standardize the roles that authorized users can grant to AWS services: IAM PassRole

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Go Redis distributed lock

Why do you need distributed locks? Lock uid, prevent repeated orders, lock inventory, prevent oversold, lock account, prevent concurrent operations...etc

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Detailed graphics and text CORS

Explain in detail what CORS is actually doing, and master the front-end and back-end configuration of CORS parameters, so that you don't need to search for CORS in the future, but you can configure it according to your own needs

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ETH query transaction records of an address

Apikey needs to be applied for. Apikey is a parameter that is needed to call those interfaces in etherscan. It needs you to apply for it and you can get it after registering an account. Each account holds up to 3 tokens, request API service service, only one of them is required