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Vue timer "repeat" opening problem

The timer is started multiple times. Causing page functionality to become confusing. How to solve this problem? Use global variables instead of definitions in data

PYTHON CDP Network.Response

CDP is the abbreviation of Chrome DevTools Protocol. It provides the ability to interact with the Chrome browser. You can communicate with Chrome through CDP to obtain browser status information, perform operations, etc. Network.Response is a domain (Domain) in CDP, which provides information related to network request responses.

Python uses websocket-client

WebSocket is a two-way communication protocol based on the TCP protocol that allows real-time data transfer between the browser and the server. In Python, a WebSocket client can be easily implemented using the websocket-client library

Detailed explanation of Vue ref ($refs) usage

ref acts on ordinary elements, use to get dom elements. ref acts on sub-components, use to get the component instance, you can use all methods of the component, use v-for and ref to get a set of data or dom node

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