The independent version of Lionfish 15.2.0 community group buying live broadcast mini program mall + group leader function + solitaire distribution + group seckill

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The official upgrade version is the latest version. If there is a second development part, you need to back it up by yourself to avoid loss of development functions after the upgrade. The second development part does not provide technical support and upgrades.

Feiyu Knowledge Monetization Mini Program 2.5.3 Front and Back End + Three-level Distribution + Q&A Module + Course Module

Source description

-Q&A module: paid consultation function, audit division function, membership function, three-level distribution
-Course modules: audio courses, video courses, support for payment, support for free, three-level distribution, membership functions
-Data module: publish online disk data, support payment, support free, membership function, three-level distribution
-Paid reading: support for rewarding, distribution, member reading, paid reading (customer proposed, completed)

user's guidance

-Baidu scans the Feiyu knowledge realization applet code to use
-Baidu search Feiyu knowledge realization applet name can be used
-Baidu webpage visits the instant store-long press to recognize the flying fish knowledge monetization applet code to use




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