1. Write reusable, readable and clean code

There are many ways to write clean code that is easy to test, read, and use, but no matter which method is used, it is an increasingly important aspect of high-quality software development. Successful programmers only give each function one goal.

When you start coding, you usually start writing larger and larger functions or methods line by line. It may seem simpler at first glance, but it can cause other problems. Code is harder to test, harder to reuse, harder to read. One thing and one thing can only be done by one function. If it does more than one thing, you will not concentrate.

It is a common practice to assign specific and valuable names to variables and functions, and it should be easier if you write each function for a specific purpose. Use code beautifier to make your code easier to read. When you return code after weeks of writing it, it’s important to quickly and easily understand what you should do

2. Listen carefully instead of speaking

If you have a meeting with other developers, please listen first, and then talk, because this is the easiest way to learn.

Humility is needed, especially when you think you are the smartest person in the room. If they don't know, good developers can and are willing to admit it.

You should not become a programmer who sprays a lot of technical jargon instead of admitting that he may not know the solution to a certain problem

3. Discipline

Talent is not everything, unless the number is huge. Talents or abilities are indeed only part of the performance process. The other part is discipline. A professional software engineer or programmer without discipline is like a senior navigator without a map.

You should not sacrifice quality for speed. But if you sacrifice quality for speed, you will notice the technical obligations you generate and seek returns in the future.

As you know, you should take steps to help developers achieve their goals. You should fully participate in the code analysis process. Also understand the importance of time to development work

4. Focus on the right things at the right time

Successful programmers are willing to focus on the common goals of a particular project without being swayed by lazy optimism, which does not really bring them closer to their goals.

Many programmers work in different jobs, even if they know the correct solution is something else. When you step back a little, you may know that you are putting a lot of energy into things that are not important to the larger goals that everyone is trying to achieve.

Sometimes it’s good to look forward. As long as you can focus on what you know, you need to do what you might need to do. This is largely to ensure that your wavelength is the same as the other members of the team.

Efficient programmers admit that teamwork will bring innovation

5. Acquire new skills over time

Another condition is flexibility and acceptance of new things when necessary. Very successful developers and programmers actively read and apply new developments that are taking place in the market.

New frameworks, methodologies, and languages ​​are constantly being developed, and successful software engineers are filtering them so that they can do their best and continue to evolve.

The key to a successful software engineer is undoubtedly the ability to acquire new skills.

With the completion of a computer science degree or a specific language course, the learning process will not stop. If you are hired, it will not stop. A successful programmer should learn anytime, anywhere.

You should not just focus on learning one language. You should equip yourself with the latest frameworks and languages ​​popular in the market

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