【Kubernetes/K8S】 Label in detail

Labels are actually a pair of key/value, which are associated with objects, such as Pod. We tend to be able to mark the special characteristics of objects when using labels. The value of Labels has no meaning to the system itself, but only makes sense to users.

【Kubernetes/K8S】 Service Introduction

Service supports access to a group of Pods in Kubernetes through the network, and the service selects Pods based on labels. When making a network request to the service, it will select all Pods in the cluster that matches the service selector, select one of them, and forward the network request to it.

【Kubernetes/K8S】Use NFS to share storage (PV, PVC)

One of the most useful volume types in Kubernetes is nfs. NFS stands for Network File System-it is a shared file system that can be accessed over the network. NFS must already exist-Kubernetes does not run NFS, pod can only access it

Install Kubernetes on Mac

This article guides you through a step-by-step guide to install and run Kubernetes on your Mac so that you can develop applications locally