Python implements the principle of dewatering video of Douyin short video

As a heavy user of Douyin, I laugh at the video every day 😄, I am very happy. But everyone knows that the videos downloaded by Douyin are watermarked. As a programmer with obsessive-compulsive disorder, this is absolutely not allowed. There are many de-watermarking tools on the Internet, what are their principles, and they have written a particularly powerful algorithm. Curiosity drove me to start research

tiktok capture and share

When you are full of confidence, the configuration of the packet capture environment is perfect, and you are ready to do a great job. When you find that a certain sound apk uses SSLPinning, and everyone is confident enough to install frida through SSLPinning and xposed's justtrustme on your phone When I opened the apk again, I found that a certain sound apk used a non-system ssl library.