Use scp to transfer files between Linux devices

Suppose you have a file that needs to be removed from the server, or you want to put it on the server. It would be a bit redundant to set up some form of FTP client, or configure a share to handle this small task

【Docker + Selinux】 Can't Open / Permission denied

The main solution is how to configure `docker` security in the environment where `selinux` is turned on, as well as common error solutions. It is not blindly `chmod -R 777`,`--privileged=true`,`setenforce 0` , But focus on using the `selinux` security strategy

tar package compression and decompression

The Linux tar (English full spelling: tape archive) command is used to back up files. tar is a tool program used to create and restore backup files. It can add and unlock files in the backup file

How does Linux determine whether Crontab is running normally?

In the process of our development, we often encounter situations where scheduled tasks are not executed as expected. In the Linux system, timing tasks are generally implemented by the system Crontab. This article discusses how to judge whether the Crontab is running normally.

CentOS7 install update security patch

System administrators usually only care about the security update part of the system when upgrading the system, and the upgrade of pure software version does not need to be rooted, because upgrading them may cause unpredictable problems. We only install the security update part of the system update.