Bad habits are hard to get rid of, and it’s even harder if you don’t realize that what you’re doing is ruining your work. If you know but don't care-it will be the worst. Your lucky friend, you are in the right article. Here are 7 coding habits you may have, if you have them, please give up immediately

You will not focus on one language

To be a good programmer, you should master a language. A language you know everything. If you are good at Python, master Python first, and then learn another language. Learn step by step. No one does not know everything 😉

Instead of learning a different language, focus on mastering one language

Act as if you know all the answers

It is good to have confidence in life. But in programming, it is best to constantly check the code you are working on.

Just know everything. But this does not mean that you will not make any mistakes. When you are working on a large project, there may be some grammatical errors. Being too confident about what you know will cause you to make some small mistakes

Refuse to ask for help/question

Not every time you can solve all problems by yourself. The best programmers know when to ask for help.

When working on a team project, asking team members for help will help you interact with them. You will be able to understand the capabilities of your team members

Refusing to write bad code

In every developer's life, there will be a period where deadlines will force you to write bad code, which is okay. You have tried to warn your client or manager about the consequences, but they insisted on meeting the deadline, so now is the time to write the code. Or maybe there is an urgent error and can't wait for you to come up with a clean solution. This is why it is important to be versatile as a programmer and to be able to write good code and bad code quickly

Do not share what you learn with your team

The value of a developer lies not only in the code you write, but also in what you learn when you write the code. Share your experience, write a comment about it, let others know why things are happening, and help them learn new things about the project and its complexity. Unofficial teams might treat this as a joke, it doesn't matter. You finished your job, that's it

Blindly copy/paste code

It's okay to get help from Baidu, but you must understand it before reusing the code. Always compare your code with it. Sometimes, at first glance, you won't immediately notice everything the code does. When you take the time to read the code in detail, you will also learn more about the problem

I often say "Wait a moment I will fix it"

last but not least. The habit of delaying code fixes is not just a matter of priority. Organizing your issue tracker may make some progress, but you also need a way to track smaller issues that arise. Adding a "TODO" comment is a quick way to make sure you don’t miss anything

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